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4 Myths About Dental Implants

Team Dental Implants

Are you considering dental implants? Perhaps you are concerned about some of the negative things you’ve heard about them. In many cases, these are just rumors that are not at all true. In fact, dental implants have many benefits and are considered to be the gold standard of tooth replacement options.

A dental implant is a complete artificial tooth and root system. The titanium root is surgically placed in the jaw bone where your natural tooth root used to be. Then a crown is attached to the top. The dental implant looks and functions just like a natural tooth.

With any procedure, it is normal to have some concerns. But don’t let the myths and rumors you hear prevent you from getting the best possible dental care. Here are 4 common myths about dental implants debunked.

Myth #1. Dental Implants are Risky.

One of the biggest concerns people have about dental implants is the risk of failure. They are worried that they will  pay for a dental implant and go through the entire procedure, only to have problems with it or have it fall out.

In actuality, dental implants are 95% effective for patients who get them placed by experienced practitioners. If your dentist thinks you are an ideal candidate for a dental implant, they are fairly certain that the procedure will be successful for you.

Before placing a dental implant, your dentist will take X-Ray images of your mouth to ensure that you have sufficient bone density in your jaw to support a dental implant. If bone density is a concern, a bone graft procedure may be recommended in preparation. When the proper precautions are taken and preparations are made, dental implants are highly successful.

Myth #2. Dental Implants are Painful.

Many patients are concerned about the pain of the procedure. Dental work can be invasive and the dental implant procedure is considered to be minor surgery.

Anesthesia is used to eliminate any pain during the procedure. In some cases local anesthesia is enough, and in other cases it may help for the patient to be sedated. This is often based on a combination of the patient’s preference and the dentist’s recommendation.

After the procedure, over the counter pain relievers are usually all that is required to make any post-procedure soreness manageable. If you require something stronger, your dentist can write a prescription. Most patients experience little to no pain and any soreness associated will usually improve after a few days.

Myth #3. Dental Implants Look Fake.

Patients are often concerned about how a dental implant will look. When you have to replace a tooth, it is normal to be concerned about your appearance afterwards. You may be concerned that a dental implant won’t look natural.

A dental implant is made to look very natural. The metal post sits below the gum line so that it is invisible. The crown sits atop the gums just like your existing teeth. Crowns are usually made of porcelain because it looks as close as possible to natural tooth material. The color, size, and shape are designed to blend in with the rest of your teeth for a realistic look.

Myth #4. You Can Be Too Old to Get a Dental Implant.

People are sometimes under the impression that dental implants are only for younger adults. They think the only options for older adults are traditional dentures or bridges.

People of all ages are eligible for dental implants. The only concern in older adults is bone density of the jaw. But lack of bone density does not prevent a patient from being a candidate for a dental implant. It simply means that a bone graft procedure may need to be done first to strengthen and thicken the bone. A bone graft can sometimes even regenerate growth of the jaw bone, which is an added benefit.

You are never too old for a dental implant. Everyone, regardless of age, should have the best possible dental care available.

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