Bone Regeneration

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A bone graft  is a type of oral surgery used to fortify the jaw bone before having dental implant surgery. Bone regeneration is also performed to repair jawbone loss due to bacterial infections. In other cases, bone regeneration is necessary to prevent future tooth loss, by promoting greater tooth stability. Finally, bone regeneration is used as part of a sinus lift surgery.

Regeneration surgery involves an incision in the gum to expose the damaged or deteriorated bone. The area being treated will be cleaned and all bacteria will be removed. Then your periodontist may insert a bone graft, harvested from your own body or a tissue bank. The bone used most commonly for bone grafts is usually from a cadaver tissue bank or from pigs or cows.  Another procedure that uses bone grafting is guided tissue regeneration, where they insert a special membrane along with plasma proteins rich in growth factors. The graft and/or membrane will promote new cell growth of the jawbone, effectively regenerating it.

In the days that follow your oral surgery, you may experience some discomfort and swelling. This is normal and will resolve within a few days. Your periodontist may prescribe medication to help manage any pain. Before you leave, you will also receive detailed post-surgical instructions for keeping your mouth healthy during your recovery period. You will return for a follow-up appointment to check the healing and to remove any sutures placed during the surgery.

In the months that follow your bone graft surgery, strong new cellular tissue will form, and strengthen your jawbone. This will ensure that your jaw can support dental implants if necessary, and correct a sunken appearance that often develops from living with missing teeth.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Bone Regeneration

Does Jawbone Regeneration Require a Hospital Stay?

No. Jawbone regeneration is a same-day outpatient procedure. You should be able to drive yourself to and from your appointment, unless oral sedation is used.  In this case, the office will be sure to let you know that you will need someone to drive you to and from the appointment.

Is Dental Bone Regeneration Surgery Painful?

You will be completely anesthetized during your regeneration surgery.  Afterwards, there will be some slight discomfort as your body is healing.

Is Dental Bone Regeneration the Same as Bone Grafting?

The terms are often used interchangeably. However tissue regeneration uses a specialized membrane, and protein stimulation to promote the growth of new bone. Bone grafting uses harvested bone, or synthetic material to replace missing bone.

How Long Does it Take for the Jawbone to Regenerate?

Your body will begin healing immediately. However, it can take several months for your bone to be strong enough to support dental implants.

Does Insurance Cover Dental Bone Regeneration?

Some dental plans may cover dental bone grafting. However, if you are having regeneration surgery to prepare for dental implants, it is unlikely to be covered. Always consult with your dental insurance.

Do You Accept CareCredit for Jawbone Regeneration?

Yes. Holzinger Periodontics & Dental Implants accepts payment from CareCredit to cover your oral surgery.

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