Ridge Preservation (Bone Grafting) in Middletown, and New Britain, CT

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What is Ridge Preservation?

Ridge preservation, also called ridge augmentation or socket preservation, is a bone grafting procedure performed immediately following tooth extraction. Ridge preservation is performed to reinforce the bone structure in the jaw after having an injured, diseased, or severely decayed tooth removed. 

When a tooth is removed, the tooth root, which anchors the tooth to the jaw bone, is also removed. Unfortunately, when the root is removed, the jaw bone begins to recede. Over time, this can lead to significant loss of bone and a sunken facial appearance. 

Ridge preservation prevents this loss of bone, by implanting a small bone graft into the ridge of the bone. This simple, fast, and effective procedure is often required for those who intend to have dental implants placed to replace a missing tooth or teeth. 

Benefits of Ridge Preservation

Ridge preservation provides many benefits including:

  • Prevent the collapse of bone and soft tissues in the mouth
  • Preserve the integrity of jaw bone after tooth loss or extraction
  • Maintain the facial structure
  • Prepare the socket and jaw for dental implants
  • Regenerate bone loss due to infection
  • Support jaw integrity with minimally invasive procedure resulting in minimal discomfort
  • More cost-effective than bone grafting at a later date
  • The graft can be placed during the same extraction appointment

Am I a Candidate for Ridge Preservation?

If you’ve lost a tooth as the result of injury or disease, or you need to have a tooth removed due to severe damage, ridge preservation is likely right for you. Ridge preservation preserves and prepares the site to support dental implants. Patients must be free of infection in the bone and the gums to be eligible for ridge preservation.

Why Choose Holzinger Periodontics & Dental Implants?

With two convenient locations in Connecticut, Holzinger Periodontics and Dental Implants is a leading provider of ridge preservation treatments and dental implants. As a patient-focused practice, our experienced periodontists employ the latest technological innovations to provide comfortable care that leads to excellent results.  

Our friendly, skillful, and gentle periodontists are passionate about helping our patients to preserve natural teeth whenever possible. When a tooth cannot be saved, our team will design a custom treatment plan that will restore your mouth to good health, while maintaining a natural appearance and function.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ridge Preservation

Does ridge preservation treatment hurt?

No. The area of the mouth to be treated will be completely numbed so that you do not experience pain during the treatment.

How soon after ridge preservation can a dental implant be placed?

Most patients can receive a dental implant within 3-6 months following ridge preservation. Our periodontists will evaluate your progress and let you know when your jaw is ready to support a dental implant.

Is ridge preservation really necessary?

Reinforcing your jaw bone is essential for those who have insufficient bone to support a dental implant. Failing to reinforce the jaw can result in an altered facial appearance due to continuing degeneration of the jaw bone.

How long does it take to recover from ridge preservation?

Discomfort following ridge preservation may last for 5-7 days. However, the site will continue to heal for the next several months. It may take 3-6 months before the site is ready for a dental implant.

To learn more about ridge preservation in Connecticut, or to schedule an appointment, call 860-347-8457. For your convenience, Holzinger Periodontics and Dental Implants have offices in Middletown and New Britain, CT. Request an appointment today.