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Dental Implant Alternatives: Know Your Options

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Repairing and maintaining your teeth is often the best option for your dental health. Unfortunately, that is not always possible. If a dental implant is the chosen method of improving your dental health, then it is important to get the procedure done. However, there are other options besides dental implants that can help you improve your dental health if you are not a candidate for dental implants. If you need to replace a broken, damaged, or missing tooth, here are the alternatives to dental implants.


If you need to have a large number of teeth removed and replaced, it may be a better option to choose dentures. Dentures can replace a large number of teeth simultaneously and do not require an extensive installation process. A dental surgeon will need to remove any remaining teeth in that area and prep your mouth for dentures. However, you can avoid a second set of surgical procedures by choosing dentures over implants.  Dentures are also the most time effective. With dental implants, you may end up waiting up to 9 months to fully replace a missing tooth. Dentures can many times be delivered on the same day as the extractions and will then just require several follow-up appointments for adjustment.

Partial Denture

Another option that you can choose is to get a partial denture. Full dentures cover an entire row of teeth. If you have several missing teeth next to each other, then try a partial denture. It can be designed to fit the area that you want it in. That way, you can avoid extra surgeries and have an option that is easy to care for and replace if need be.


If you have one or several teeth that need to be removed and they are not next to each other, then you can use bridges to replace those teeth. A dental bridge is created when a fake tooth is inserted between two of your normal teeth. These teeth help hold the fake tooth in the right place so that it looks and works just like a regular tooth. You can have multiple bridges installed. The only requirement is that you have teeth on both sides of the gap to hold it in place. These teeth must be in reasonably good health as well so that they form a solid abutment for the bridge. 

Root Canals

In some cases, a dental implant is not necessary since a tooth can be saved. A root canal can save some teeth by addressing the problem that is damaging them. The roots of your teeth can become infected with bacteria, causing them to rot. A root canal is when a dental surgeon goes down to the roots to remove infected tissue, stabilize the roots, and sanitize the tooth of all of the bacteria. If done successfully, a tooth can be saved. You need to consult your dentist to see if a root canal is an option.

Mini Dental Implants

If you need to have a dental implant installed, you have two options. Most people get the regular dental implant. For some people, this requires several surgeries and extended recovery time since they need a bone graft to provide enough structure for the implant to hold on to. In this case, a mini dental implant is better. 

Mini dental implants are smaller than regular implants. In areas where a tooth has been missing for a long time or where there is limited bone width, a mini implant can sometimes be a good option.  You could potentially get everything done in one appointment while avoiding the need for a bone graft and an extended healing time.


Seek the advice of a skilled dentist or dental surgeon before proceeding with any of the options. Holzinger Periodontics & Implant Dentistry is a father-daughter practice serving patients in Middletown and New Britain, CT. If you are seeking compassionate dental care from a team that treats each patient as an individual, contact us today at 860-347-8457 (Middletown) or 860-224-0433 (New Britain) to schedule your first appointment.