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Dental Implant Financing Options

Team Dental Implants

Do you need to have a tooth replaced? A dental implant is the best option for tooth replacement, but it comes with a price tag. Unfortunately, dental insurance doesn’t often cover dental implants, so patients often pay for the procedure out of pocket. Even if you have insurance that does cover dental implants, it is likely only a portion of the total cost that is covered, so you may still have a significant amount to pay out of pocket. 

Some patients see the cost and choose a different option, like a dental bridge, and some patients choose not to replace the tooth at all. While a bridge is fine, it doesn’t last as long as an implant and can damage the healthy teeth it anchors to. And leaving a gap where your tooth used to be can cause your other teeth to shift out of place and the bone around the missing tooth to shrink and eventually dissolve. 

Getting an implant is definitely worth the cost, and there are many financing options to help make it more affordable. Here are some of the best options for financing a dental implant or any other dental procedure. 


One of the best options for financing dental procedures is CareCredit. CareCredit is designed especially for medical costs that are not covered by insurance, and that includes dental procedures. You can choose from a range of promotional terms including no interest and low monthly payments. 

Credit Card

You can always finance your dental implant procedure on a credit card of any kind. You can use one you already have or you apply for a new card just for this purpose. Some credit cards come with a promotional 0% interest rate for new qualified customers, but beware that once your promotional period ends, the rate will go up significantly on the remaining balance. 

Personal Loan

Banks and other financial institutions offer personal loans that can be used for any reason. A personal loan is usually a lump sum that you receive when you are approved for the loan. Personal loans have set monthly payment amounts and terms. You’ll know from the beginning what your monthly payment amount will be and how many months you will need to make payments to satisfy the loan. Once the terms are complete and the loan is paid off it is closed, unlike a line of credit where you can continue to borrow from the limit as many times as you wish as long as you have some credit available. 

Health Savings and Flex Spending Accounts

If you have a high deductible insurance plan or one that includes an HSA (Health Savings Account) or an FSA (Flex Spending Account), you can use the funds in either of these accounts to pay for a dental implant. This is not actually a loan, so you will not need to apply for credit and you won’t be charged any interest. The funds in these types of accounts are designated for medical costs and procedures of all kinds. In the case of HSA accounts, the funds you don’t use will carry over from year to year. In the case of FSA accounts, you lose whatever funds you don’t use during the year.

Purchase Dental Insurance

If your employer does not offer dental insurance, you can purchase dental coverage that may cover dental implants. Do some research and look into plans that include coverage for dental implants and compare the cost of purchasing insurance with any of the above financing options to see what would be in your best financial interest. 

Holzinger Periodontics and Dental Implants Make Financing Easy

Dental Implants are affordable at Holzinger Periodontics and Dental Implants. We do our best to access as much of your dental insurance coverage as possible. If there’s still a significant balance remaining, or if you don’t have any insurance coverage, we offer CareCredit as a financing option. You are also free to use any type of financing you wish, as long as we receive your payment by the designated due date. Making dental care affordable is something we strive for with every patient. 

Call (860) 347-8457 today to schedule an appointment at our Middletown office or (860) 224-0433 for our New Britain office. You can also request an appointment. We look forward to providing you with the best possible dental care with options to make it affordable.