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Fixed Dental Implant Bridges vs. Snap on Dentures

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Are you in need of replacement teeth? When you need a significant number of teeth replaced, either a few in a row or a complete arch, there are a few options available. Dental implants are the best option, but they are a bit costly if you need multiples. The next best option is dental implant supported bridges and dentures.  

What’s the difference between fixed dental implant bridges and snap on dentures? There are some similarities and differences. Which option will work best for you depends on your needs. 

What is a Fixed Dental Implant Bridge?

You may be familiar with a traditional bridge, which is an artificial tooth or a row of teeth that are anchored by crowns placed over the healthy teeth on either side of the bridge. With a fixed dental implant bridge, it is anchored in place with dental implants. A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is placed in the jaw bone with a crown attached to the top. In the case of a fixed dental implant bridge, the implants are placed on either end of the row of missing teeth. The bridge is anchored in place by these implants. 

A fixed dental implant bridge is often more secure than a traditional bridge. A bridge that is secured by crowns over natural teeth tends to eventually result in damage to the healthy teeth. But dental implant bridges are made of porcelain, which is stronger than natural tooth material. 

What Are Snap On Dentures?

When you need an entire arch of teeth replaced, you will most likely be fitted with dentures. Traditional dentures attach to the gums via suction or adhesives. While this does work, it is not always a secure hold. Dentures may slip out of place when eating or talking. 

Snap on dentures are anchored in place by a few dental implants. The dental implants are placed in the jaw in a few strategic locations and the dentures simply attach to the implants. This creates a secure hold that prevents slipping. An additional benefit to snap on dentures is that the implants help to preserve the bone structure of the jaw that would otherwise deteriorate with traditional dentures. 

Which Option is Right for You?

Whether you need one or more fixed dental implant bridges or snap on dentures depends on your needs. If you have just a few teeth missing in a row, a dental implant bridge may be your best choice. If you need the majority or all of the teeth replaced on your upper or lower jaw, snap on dentures are probably the way to go. 

Can You Replace All of Your Teeth With Dental Implants?

It is possible to replace all of your teeth with dental implants, usually with a combination of single tooth implants and implant retained bridges.  However, this can be quite costly and will depend on the remaining bone quality that remains.  

Dental Implants Can Last a Lifetime

When accurately placed and maintained, dental implants have the ability to last for a lifetime. The crowns, bridges, and dentures attached to them may need to be replaced over time due to regular wear and tear, but the implant roots in the jaw should remain intact, as long as the patient is a good candidate for implants and stays up to date with their dental maintenance visits.  This is one of the biggest benefits of dental implants that makes them worth the cost. 

Holzinger Periodontics and Dental Implants Provides Many Tooth Replacement Options

If you’re in need of replacement teeth, no matter how many, Holzinger Periodontics and Dental Implants can help. We provide a complete range of periodontal services, including fixed dental implant bridges and snap on dentures. After an evaluation of your existing teeth and a discussion about your preferences, we will make a recommendation for replacement that will be in your best interest.

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